Thursday, July 21, 2011

Epic next 2weeks..!

Aside from this extreme heat wave, I am beyond excited for the next 14 days ahead & the events they include! Most of which, are a bunch of fun things involving baby!
This weekend & the next both include, well thought-out & planned Baby Showers by my Mother-In-Law, Cheryl and Step Mother, Kathy! These will be my 2nd & 3rd Baby Showers, which Dave & I are very grateful for. I was aloud to design my baby shower cake, for my shower hosted by Kathy. Its adorable & most of all, I cant wait to eat it!
During the week, I will be having my 4th ultrasound. I will be able to see what's new with baby at 21 weeks. The last time I saw baby was when we found out, baby is a boy, at 19 weeks.
After, I'll get my hair and makeup done for my maternity photo shoot with Darling Photography! She has great ideas and an amazing location picked out for me. Im know they will be wonderful!
Before, in between, and after; I'll be spending time with my loving puppy babies, going to my OBGYN and visiting the wonderful river and Sebago Lake. Where I'll be swimming my life away with friends and family; Enjoying the sunshine & gorgeous warm weather...

July has been such an amazing month.. The only down side is that Dave wasn't here to share it with me.