Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What should I do... ?

Yayyyyy! Since everything in life is pulling me away from my Photography, and its blog, I decided to make my own personal blog. A beautiful little spot for me to write what ever the hell I want :D
So I guess.. I'll start by writing what my new options are & see if something looks better written down.
Dave will soon be leaving :( .. So Ill have the option to,
  1. Pack up my house and go home with my puppies
  2. Pack up my house and go live with friends
  3. Stay Right where I am.
I personally like all three. I guess, what I'm thinking is,
- Pack up my house and peace the f*** out :D !
My friend Katie is amazing; Her and I would move in together. I've been lazy getting papers for my puppies to go off and on the island as they please so, I will stay until I get them. Then go home and visit. I will visit, everyone in Maine && Eat tons of amazing yummy food haha
Ill visit Thyra in Boston, and Holly in Vermont. Maybe stay for a month, give or take some. Then come back to Katie & stay with her while trying to get back into housing. Then get a house and do everything I want to it like paint and such. Just in time for Dave to get back.
... I think this is the plan.. lol but I'm always changing my mind.

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  1. Amanda my dear Daughter in law , If your coming home then you need to stay more then a month ...because you have to come with me to Mikes boot camp graduation in June I know you want I miss you and you didnt even metion about visiting me :(