Thursday, July 21, 2011

Epic next 2weeks..!

Aside from this extreme heat wave, I am beyond excited for the next 14 days ahead & the events they include! Most of which, are a bunch of fun things involving baby!
This weekend & the next both include, well thought-out & planned Baby Showers by my Mother-In-Law, Cheryl and Step Mother, Kathy! These will be my 2nd & 3rd Baby Showers, which Dave & I are very grateful for. I was aloud to design my baby shower cake, for my shower hosted by Kathy. Its adorable & most of all, I cant wait to eat it!
During the week, I will be having my 4th ultrasound. I will be able to see what's new with baby at 21 weeks. The last time I saw baby was when we found out, baby is a boy, at 19 weeks.
After, I'll get my hair and makeup done for my maternity photo shoot with Darling Photography! She has great ideas and an amazing location picked out for me. Im know they will be wonderful!
Before, in between, and after; I'll be spending time with my loving puppy babies, going to my OBGYN and visiting the wonderful river and Sebago Lake. Where I'll be swimming my life away with friends and family; Enjoying the sunshine & gorgeous warm weather...

July has been such an amazing month.. The only down side is that Dave wasn't here to share it with me.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Crazy Dreamz

Today, I am 14 weeks & four days!My dreams are getting crazier by the week! This time they were scary!

I have two puppies, a Lab/terrier mix (Maui) and a Shiba Inu (Hunter).
My Dream was that, for some reason, I had to give up my shiba inu, Hunter. I, then went to a store.. like target maybe? & saw hunter rapped up in plastic rap to a foam container.. rapped up like meat! But he was alive!?! & two other shiba inu's were meat packaged just like him, & stacked under him!
All I remember was that, in the dream, I was crying and crying. Asking why did people do this? This is not right and yelling to get a manager. I was losing it! I woke up feeling like, "OMG where is my puppies?!" & thinking I need to go protest puppy mills!
My morning sickness is gone.. but my weird & scary dreams still remain. Hopefully that will change too!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh! The things you will see! The Places you will go!

So I am officially home, in Maine now! The puppies and I arrived safe and sound. And surprise, surprise.. as most everyone knows now, I am pregnant.
As far as we knew leaving Hawaii, I was pregnant.. nothing else. They couldn't tell me how far along I was. They could only give me a guesstimate. Today, I went to my appointment with Mercy Hospital's All About Women; where I had an ultrasound. Mercy Hospital determined that I was 8 weeks and 5 days along. I also was able to see my little Gummy Bear, see the heart beat and get three pictures!  They also told me we are looking at a Due Date of December 2nd.
Next on my agenda, is of course thinking of names.. and whether to have the baby in Maine or Hawaii..
If we in deed decide to have the baby in Maine, Where..? Mercy? or Maine Medical? Hawaii is a given; We would go to Trippler.
 However, the Problem being, since becoming pregnant my Crohn's Disease has been flared up in the worst way. Sever abdominal pain, inability to eat food and  keep it down along with a number of other symptoms are with me almost every hour of the day. That plus my morning sickness and I now have myself a high risk pregnancy. Mixing traveling with pets and reconfiguring doctors.. I don't know really know what to do. It almost sounds best to just stay put... Of course a set in stone decision has not been made..
So this is where I stand.. Pregnant, in Maine.. with a deployed husband, luckily around family and friends, completely sick.. & trying to decide (on my own) what the next best move to make is...
 - GAME ON !

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Each day that goes by, is a day closer to deployment.. Instead of getting sad, I think about all the amazing things awaiting me in the next couple weeks!
Not only do I get to...
  • go home and visit all my friends and family,
  • Seeing my little sister, Megan, and meeting her handsome little baby boy, Adam Keith,  
  • Watch my puppies play in the snow for the first time,
  • Go snowboarding?
  • Go to CoCo cheveux SALON ! and getting my hair done by my wonderful lady friends and the best stylists in New England,
  • Go to the SparkstheRescue CD release party,
  • Travel all over New England &&
  • Plan a little vacation with Thyra...
But after talking to one of my amazing actor/photographer/director/screen writer friends; I'm going to participate in a web series out of Boston.
I'm also looking forward to getting involved with the production of a runaway fashion show being held in Portland! I may possibly be photographing it!
 ( Oh and of course my camera is coming to Maine with me !!! )
So I'm also going to photograph my friends and family, while I'm home. However, the majority of my time will be spent visiting, having fun, and doing anything I can/want to, to keep me from worrying about this deployment.. wahhhhhhhh

Monday, March 28, 2011

Almost Exact Plans

I'm pretty upset that Dave is leaving so soon.. in about 11 days..
Luckly, I have going home to be beyond excited for. Even though I will have to deal with getting a new house and all that comes with it; I don't even care. I am excited to go home to good old sweet Maine. No military anything for miles.. or even at all really haha. I do have a good handful of great and amazing ladies who, of course, I will miss very much, but I'll be seeing them soon enough..
My wonderful father bought my ONE WAY plane ticket a couple days ago. My puppies and I leave April 13th and will arrive in Portland, Maine April 14th. The plan is that there is no plan, & I have so much traveling ahead of me !
Dave's family in all over northern Maine, Mine all over southern Maine, Thyra in Boston/Salem, Holly in Vermont, Mary in New Hampshire... all over New England.
And thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... Thyra and I are planning a trip to either Las Vegas, Key West/ Miami, or Cancun! Yayyyy! So I'll have so much excitement going on, this first deployment should go by fast enough.. at least I hope..

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What should I do... ?

Yayyyyy! Since everything in life is pulling me away from my Photography, and its blog, I decided to make my own personal blog. A beautiful little spot for me to write what ever the hell I want :D
So I guess.. I'll start by writing what my new options are & see if something looks better written down.
Dave will soon be leaving :( .. So Ill have the option to,
  1. Pack up my house and go home with my puppies
  2. Pack up my house and go live with friends
  3. Stay Right where I am.
I personally like all three. I guess, what I'm thinking is,
- Pack up my house and peace the f*** out :D !
My friend Katie is amazing; Her and I would move in together. I've been lazy getting papers for my puppies to go off and on the island as they please so, I will stay until I get them. Then go home and visit. I will visit, everyone in Maine && Eat tons of amazing yummy food haha
Ill visit Thyra in Boston, and Holly in Vermont. Maybe stay for a month, give or take some. Then come back to Katie & stay with her while trying to get back into housing. Then get a house and do everything I want to it like paint and such. Just in time for Dave to get back.
... I think this is the plan.. lol but I'm always changing my mind.