Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Crazy Dreamz

Today, I am 14 weeks & four days!My dreams are getting crazier by the week! This time they were scary!

I have two puppies, a Lab/terrier mix (Maui) and a Shiba Inu (Hunter).
My Dream was that, for some reason, I had to give up my shiba inu, Hunter. I, then went to a store.. like target maybe? & saw hunter rapped up in plastic rap to a foam container.. rapped up like meat! But he was alive!?! & two other shiba inu's were meat packaged just like him, & stacked under him!
All I remember was that, in the dream, I was crying and crying. Asking why did people do this? This is not right and yelling to get a manager. I was losing it! I woke up feeling like, "OMG where is my puppies?!" & thinking I need to go protest puppy mills!
My morning sickness is gone.. but my weird & scary dreams still remain. Hopefully that will change too!

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