Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh! The things you will see! The Places you will go!

So I am officially home, in Maine now! The puppies and I arrived safe and sound. And surprise, surprise.. as most everyone knows now, I am pregnant.
As far as we knew leaving Hawaii, I was pregnant.. nothing else. They couldn't tell me how far along I was. They could only give me a guesstimate. Today, I went to my appointment with Mercy Hospital's All About Women; where I had an ultrasound. Mercy Hospital determined that I was 8 weeks and 5 days along. I also was able to see my little Gummy Bear, see the heart beat and get three pictures!  They also told me we are looking at a Due Date of December 2nd.
Next on my agenda, is of course thinking of names.. and whether to have the baby in Maine or Hawaii..
If we in deed decide to have the baby in Maine, Where..? Mercy? or Maine Medical? Hawaii is a given; We would go to Trippler.
 However, the Problem being, since becoming pregnant my Crohn's Disease has been flared up in the worst way. Sever abdominal pain, inability to eat food and  keep it down along with a number of other symptoms are with me almost every hour of the day. That plus my morning sickness and I now have myself a high risk pregnancy. Mixing traveling with pets and reconfiguring doctors.. I don't know really know what to do. It almost sounds best to just stay put... Of course a set in stone decision has not been made..
So this is where I stand.. Pregnant, in Maine.. with a deployed husband, luckily around family and friends, completely sick.. & trying to decide (on my own) what the next best move to make is...
 - GAME ON !

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