Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Each day that goes by, is a day closer to deployment.. Instead of getting sad, I think about all the amazing things awaiting me in the next couple weeks!
Not only do I get to...
  • go home and visit all my friends and family,
  • Seeing my little sister, Megan, and meeting her handsome little baby boy, Adam Keith,  
  • Watch my puppies play in the snow for the first time,
  • Go snowboarding?
  • Go to CoCo cheveux SALON ! and getting my hair done by my wonderful lady friends and the best stylists in New England,
  • Go to the SparkstheRescue CD release party,
  • Travel all over New England &&
  • Plan a little vacation with Thyra...
But after talking to one of my amazing actor/photographer/director/screen writer friends; I'm going to participate in a web series out of Boston.
I'm also looking forward to getting involved with the production of a runaway fashion show being held in Portland! I may possibly be photographing it!
 ( Oh and of course my camera is coming to Maine with me !!! )
So I'm also going to photograph my friends and family, while I'm home. However, the majority of my time will be spent visiting, having fun, and doing anything I can/want to, to keep me from worrying about this deployment.. wahhhhhhhh

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